Month: February 2010

Help Available 24/7 with eTutoring!

Submitted by Kathy Schwager

When you are working on your homework in the evenings or on the weekend, do you ever get stuck on a question, problem, or writing assignment and wish someone was available to help?

If your answer is yes, you owe it to yourself to check out eTutoring through the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium.  As a Tunxis student, you’re eligible to use this FREE online tutoring service, and it’s so easy!  Hundreds of Tunxis students have used eTutoring and found it very useful.

Spring eTutoring is available for Tunxis students 24/7 in the subjects listed below from February 1 through May 14.

  • Writing (for any subject area)
  • Math (Developmental – Calculus III)
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Research Methods & Information Literacy

ETutoring offers 3 options for students:

  1. chat with a tutor one-to-one in a particular subject via a fully interactive virtual online environment;
  2. send an offline question to a tutor and receive a response within 24-48 hours;
  3. upload a document to one of the eWriting Lab tutors and receive your work back with a tutor’s comments within 24-48 hours.

Why not give it a try this semester?   To utilize this free online tutoring service, simply log into  You will need your Tunxis student ID number. Specific directions are available on the ASC website under “brochures,” then “free online tutoring” or you can stop in the ASC and pick up a flyer.  If you have any questions, problems or feedback, please contact Kathy Schwager at 860.255.3571 or  Good luck with your semester!